Families With Children Section

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Children in Jewish households
Children 17 and younger make up about one-fourth of Greater Seattle's Jewish population. The number of children and adults of child-bearing age suggest a significant natural increase in the area's Jewish population will occur over the next 10 to 20 years.

Children enrolled in Jewish education
Forty percent of Jewish children in the Greater Seattle area participate in some form of Jewish education - supplementary school, Jewish preschool, day school, Jewish day camp, Jewish overnight camp, and/or Jewish youth group.

Jewish education outcomes
Research has shown that children of intermarried parents are likely to embrace a Jewish identity and have strong ties to the Jewish community if they are exposed to high-quality Jewish education.

Education Type Age-Eligible Children Enrolled (%)
Supplementary school 40
Jewish preschool 32
Jewish day camp 26
Jewish youth group 23
Jewish overnight camp 22
Day school 5