Inmarried, Intermarried Households Section

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Intermarriage rates
Of the two-thirds of Greater Seattle Jewish households that include a married couple, 56 % include Jewish and non-Jewish partners. Intermarriage rates in Greater Seattle are similar across age groups, which departs from the national pattern in which intermarriage is higher among younger than older adults.

Inmarried household characteristics
Inmarried households, in which both partners are Jewish, are more likely to identify as Jewish by Religion (JBR) than intermarried households. Inmarried households are more likely to provide their children with Jewish educational experiences, such as schools or camping.

Denomination and ethnicity
Intermarried Jews are twice as likely to describe themselves as "secular/culturally Jewish" or "just Jewish" than inmarried Jews. There is no difference in the ratios of Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jews between inmarried and intermarried Jews.