Synagogue Members Section

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Synagogue membership and attendance rates
Synagogue membership and attendance at services vary widely in Greater Seattle. About one-third of Jewish households include at least one adult who is a member of at least one synagogue. One-third of survey respondents never attend religious services, 31 % attend only once or twice per year.

Non-synagogue members
When asked their reasons for not joining a synagogue, the most common response respondents gave was that they're not religious or are uninterested in organized religion. Other cited reasons included cost, location, lack of time, and discomfort arising from social and community issues.

Geographic distribution of synagogue members
Synagogue members are more likely to live in Bellevue and Mercer Island and are less likely to live in Southeast Seattle and Northwest Seattle.

Denomination Membership (%)
Orthodox 89
Conservative 66
Reconstructionist 59
Reform 56
Secular/culturally Jewish 12
Just Jewish 11
Other 53