Travel to Israel

“From each Jewish heart, an invisible path leads to the land of Israel.” —David Shimoni

Israel is a vibrant, exciting country offering history, culture, beautiful beaches and amazing sites, something for everyone! Geographically tiny yet topographically varied—from the snow-covered Mt. Hermon in the north to Jerusalem's splendor in the heart of Israel, to the Dead Sea and the Red Sea in the south—Israel offers travelers a wide spectrum of diverse opportunities.

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Israel Experiences for Teens and Young Adults

"I just wanted to say thank you again for making this trip possible for me. I am having the time of my life. This experience will be the most beneficial part of my working experience. I will grow tremendously mentally, spiritually and professionally." - Rachael, March 19, 2013

Israel experiences have profound impacts on young people. There are many ways to make your Israel experience happen. A multitude of Israel programs exist for teens and young adults specific to your interests, time frame, level of observance and how you want to experience Israel.

If you are a student, recent graduate or young adult who wants to go to Israel to explore your heritage, learn, volunteer or just get away, email us at We can meet with you for a personalized program consultation to help you find the Israel experience that's perfect for you!

Before you schedule a meeting, consider the following:

  • When would you like to go to Israel? In the summer? During the school year?
  • For how long? Two weeks, one month, six months, a year?
  • What are your interests? Hiking, biking, studying, volunteering, sightseeing, work/internships, technology, science, arts, drama, Ulpan?
  • Is this your first trip to Israel?
  • Are you considering making aliyah (moving to Israel permanently)?
  • If you are considering a long-term trip, can you make arrangements for any commitments you may have here in the States?
  • Have you started saving money for your trip? Do you need to explore scholarship opportunities?
  • What would you like to get out of the Israel experience?

Safety and Security

The State of Israel holds the safety of its people as its highest priority. Organized peer programs rigorously adhere to the strict security regulations imposed by the Government of Israel. All field trips (Tiyulim) are checked and cleared through the appropriate agencies, police and Israeli Army. They also work very closely with the Jewish Agency’s Department of Security to ensure full compliance with their security standards as well as ongoing contact with the security authorities who coordinate all student travel in Israel.

“Traveling to Israel is about seeing, feeling and touching the Jewish past, present and future.” —Barry Chazan