Israel Advocacy

An element of the Jewish Federation's mission is to strengthen connections between our local Jewish community and with Israel. The Jewish Federation advocates on behalf of Israel and for a just peace by:

  • Gathering Jewish agencies together to share in advocacy programming, dialogue and consensus building within our own diverse community
  • Serving as an important resource on Israel to the local media
  • Presenting the Jewish community consensus on Israel in Olympia
  • Serving as Seattle’s liaison with the Israeli Consulate in San Francisco

Previously, we worked for the defeat of a ballot initiative that would have required City of Seattle pension funds to divest from companies doing business in Israel. We also successfully countered an aggressive anti-Israel transit advertising campaign.

(Learn more about the Jewish Federation's guidelines for sponsoring speakers or events about Israel.)

More broadly, Israel advocacy is all about fostering greater awareness and appreciation for Israel's rich historical and cultural heritage, for Israel's achievements in science, technology, business and the arts, and for its tikkun olam aspirations that have bettered the welfare of humanity.

To that end, the Jewish Federation co-sponsors local cultural events, including Yom Ha'atzmaut celebrations.

Periodically, the Jewish Federation also posts links on our Facebook and Twitter pages to news articles calling attention to developments highlighting the many dimensions of Israel's economic, social and cultural life. There is so much to discover!