Teen Philanthropy - J.Team and Youth Mitzvah Fund

Program Overview

Launched in 2009, Teen Philanthropy offers a comprehensive philanthropic experience for young people. Students develop deeper knowledge of the nonprofit sector and grant making, gain exposure to social issues and nonprofits addressing them, and are inspired to make a bigger difference.

The Youth Mitzvah Fund gives students ages 12-14 an opportunity to learn philantropy by doing. The program is operated by the Jewish Federaton of Greater Seattle.

J.Team, for 9th-12th grade youths, gives teens an opportunity to learn philanthropy and make giving decisions as a group. Begun by the Jewish Federation in 2009, J.Team has transitioned to Livnot Chai, an experiential teen education program.

Teen Philanthropy offers a unique experience. Teens gain meaningful and lasting connections and networking opportunities with their peers, donors, and community nonprofit organizations.

Interested in Learning More and Getting Involved?

We want our teens to care about the world in which they live. But the truth is, they already do. They just need a way to express how much they care. Teen Philanthropy gives teens the tools to begin a life of giving. Program members will participate in nonprofit site visits, community service and making charitable donations, all with a focus on core Jewish values of giving.

Youth Mitzvah Fund

YMF is an opportunity for youths ages 12-14 to learn philanthropy by doing. Participants invite friends and family (through Bar/Bat Mitzvah announcements, for instance) to donate into an individual fund. Each year, YMF teens determine which nonprofits should receive money. Funds continue to grow through added gifts throughout high school, as they learn about the process and importance of giving. 

Make a gift to a teen's Youth Mitzvah Fund.



The Jewish Youth Philanthropy Program, or J.Team, focuses on developing youth philanthropy and civic engagement through the principles of tzedakah and tikkun olam. To find out more, contact Livnot Chai.

Watch a video of J.Team in action.


For more information about Teen Philanthropy, contact Amy Paquette at amyhp@jewishinseattle.org or 206.774.2237.

The Jewish Federation hopes to increase engagement of Jewish teens through meaningful and affordable Jewish opportunities. Please donate to the Community Campaign and support Jewish Teen Experiences.